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National Guitar Museum Exhibition Successful

Dennis attended the Friday night opening in Orlando of the National Guitar Museum Exhibition. He reports that it was entertaining and informative. The exhibit traced the history and technical advancements of the guitar. The exhibit included the world’s largest playable guitar – 43.5 feet long by 16 feet wide, and certified as a Guinness World Record. Displays showed guitar precursors and similar instruments from around the world for example, the lute (Europe), tanbur (Persia), oud (Mesopotamia), luo nyatiti (Africa), pipa (China), and sitar (India). The Exhibition also included modern guitars from Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker, and others.

Silvertone guitar with in-case amp.

Silvertone guitar with in-case amp.

Dennis discussed with Museum Executive Director, Harvey Newquist, the possibility of bringing the exhibit to Shreveport as a Foundation sponsored event.

Founding member of The Byrds and songwriter Roger McGuinn talked about his life with the guitar, and performed on his seven-string. The National Guitar Museum presented McGuinn with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Dennis also met Vic Flick, the well-respected session musician heard on James Bond movie scores, and Ringo’s Theme from the movie A Hard Days Night. See

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