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The Foundation Studio will be a professional level studio available to recording artists at standard rates, and available to Foundation donees without charge.

The well-known Nashville music producer Norbert Putnam designed the James Burton Foundation Studio. The rooms are carefully crafted ambient spaces that offer the very best sonic quality. There is a main tracking room, and isolation rooms for amps, drums, keyboards, and vocals. Our client area includes a lounge, kitchen, private restroom, private office, and conference room, all designed for comfort and inspiration.

Shreveport Municipal Autitorium

Live stage recording opportunities are just across Elvis Presley Avenue at the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium. The Foundation Studio will be able to capture the superb acoustics of this historic stage.

The Foundation Studio will use analog/digital recording, and will offer current and vintage gear. The Foundation Studio now features hardware and software from these manufacturers: Apple, Avid, Baldwin, Focal, Focusrite, Furman, König & Meyer, Mogami, Monster, Mojave, On-Stage Stands, Radial, Røde, Sennheiser, Shure, Telefunken, and Ultimate Support.

Customer service is our first priority at the James Burton Foundation Studio. Our staff is your concierge. We will coordinate every detail of the production including, travel, lodging, transportation, and payroll, so that you can focus solely on your project.

Through the Louisiana Entertainment Incentive Program, sound recording projects can earn a 25% cash rebate on costs in Louisiana to complete a recording project. In addition, film audio recording projects earn a 35% cash rebate. The State bases the refundable tax credits on total in-state expenditures related to a sound recording production. A refundable tax credit is similar to a direct rebate. That is, the State pays the total amount of tax credits earned as a rebate to qualifying participants. The project must spend at least $15,000 in Louisiana within a twelve month period and give advance notice of intent to apply for the Sound Recording incentive.

In addition to the Louisiana Entertainment incentives, tax deductions can also apply to project costs because the James Burton Foundation is a 501c3 organization. Foundation donees will be able to record in the Studios at no charge, and receive music, technical, and instrument care instruction.

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