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The James Burton Foundation supports music education for those in need through guitar donations and music instruction to schools, hospitals, and community service organizations.

Research proves the academic and social value of music education through higher scores across study areas, and improved psychological health among students. However, national, state, and local governments under support music education.

The Foundation has given thousands of guitars to schools, and children’s and veteran’s hospitals, and will continue this effort. Now, the Foundation is prepared to expand its music education program, facilities, and partnership outreach through the following:

James Burton Foundation Museum and Performing Arts Stage
The Foundation has begun fund raising for building renovation.

Higher Education Partnership Outreach
The Foundation offers service learning and community service opportunities to high school and college students. Our goal is to lead the community in cooperation among area non-profit service organizations and educational institutions.

Music Education Program
The Foundation is now prepared to expand its music education program to include individual instruction at the Foundation teaching facilities and online. Qualified volunteers with experience in music education, performance, or studio recording will certainly be welcomed to join in Foundation efforts.

Oral History Program
Stories that James and friends share can help keep supporters engaged in our cause. Pod casts and a Foundation newsletter will distribute the collected material. This program expands our vision to include history education and video production.

Recording Studios Program
The Foundation recording studios provide music and technical education opportunities. Students will be able to record in the Studios at no charge, and receive music, technical, and instrument care instruction.

Foundation Video
The Foundation plans to produce video that describes the Foundation’s mission and vision. The video will be used for presentations and fund raising.

Online Foundation Newsletter
The Foundation will keep supporters informed through a newsletter. The Newsletter will include Foundation activities, goals, history, and music education articles.

Entertainment Events
The Foundation has held several James Burton International Guitar Festivals, and will continue. In addition, the Foundation will hold other smaller events.

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